Tinder bots everywhere. Advice?

So I've been using the shallow hookup app known as tinder and literally all I match with are bots. Even if I swipe on almost every girl I still get bots. Don't get me wrong, they are fun to mess with but and actual human would be nice too. Obviously it's possible that everyone just swipes left on me, but I and several other female friends consider me attractive. I'm in the business of killing people (army infantry) I'm pretty buff (bench 250) and I have a pretty good bio and pics, but alas no human matches. Anyone have any advice?


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What Girls Said 1

  • What kind of pictures do you use? Do you consider yourself attractive? Most males have trouble getting females on dating apps.

    • Yea like I described in my question I've had many women tell me that I am an attractive guy. I have nice pictures taken from a photo shoot, pictures of me at work (Infantry so me in uniform with my gear) and a picture of my dog since girls dig dogs.

What Guys Said 2

  • If they have no profile description, or the profile description grammar is HORRIBLE, or if they put an email/phone number in the description, then it's probably a bot.

    If they have exactly 3 photos and/or the photos are too generic or low resolution, then it's probably a bot.

    • Also if the photos are abnormally "sexy" but also high quality studio photos then it's probably a bot.

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    • I was half joking haha, I don't actually know if it makes a difference either way

    • About the job thing, that is.

  • Have same problem on OkCupid but I know they at least visited my profile even though they never message me back


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