What's up with this guy? advice needed! I'm so confused! Does he like me? Does he hate me? Please help?

There is this guy that I've known ever since elementary school. We weren't friends, but this year we had a class together. I developed a crush on him and was very attracted, I felt that he was feeling the same way about me. When we talked it was about school, hobbies and sports. I was a little scared because I really liked him and I've been hurt before. When we talk, we had really strong eye contact and it was so nice. Around Christmas, I was feeling more confident and decided that I couldn't sit around anymore, I wanted to try to start a relationship with him. However, I saw a recent picture of him and his on again off again ex-girlfriend, they looked to be close and looked like a couple. Later I started seeing them around school together hanging out. This really held me back. It hurt me. I tried to forget about him and get over it , but whenever I see him around at school, he is always staring at me. I don't know why? If I look at him, he immediately looks away. But if I do make eye contact with him, I smile and he'll smile back. But if we're in a group of people, I'll try to make eye contact or try to talk to him but he won't budge. This is so confusing!!! I kind of got my feelings a little hurt. I never show that though, I have fun and hang out with my friends. I've tried to move on from him buy every time he stares, I'm like, do I still have a chance? Does he hate me? Does he like me? Should I move on?
Thank you so much💜


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  • I know this might sound scary but as scary and as complex as it may seem, have you thought of just walking up to him and asking?

    Just ask him outright , if he is back with his ex. at least then you would get the answers you seek and be relieved.


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