If a guy doesn't text you is that a bad sign or do some guys just hate texting?

I've been on two dates with my crush from work, and it seems to be going very well. He's driven me home both nights (even though we live in a city and it's easy to get home), and he even offered to pick me up for the second date. He always extends the date and we hang out for hours. However, I've been housesitting so I haven't been able to invite him in yet-not that he's made any inclination that he's expecting that-and we've kissed goodnight on both dates. The only thing is after our first date we texted each other that night and he said we should do something Sunday if I was free. Well, I didn't hear from him until I texted him on Sunday asking how his day was, and letting him know that I was sorry if I was sexually harassing him since we work together. He said it was definitely a wanted advance, and he set up a dinner date. After hanging out that night-dinner and drinks afterwards- again he texted me that night. At first he asked if I was free the next day, but I wasn't, and he didn't know his schedule. So he said he'd find out his days off and we'd figure something out. Well, I didn't hear from him since until I texted him today. I knew he was going to have a stressful day at work with the owner so I just said I hope he has a good day and doesn't get too stressed. He responded within minutes saying thanks and he hopes i have a good day too. It seems like he's into me, but I've read everywhere that if a guy doesn't text you it means he's just not interested. But then I've also read that women need to stop analyzing a guy's texting patterns. So I'm just confused. Are some guys just not texters at all unless they get texts? Should I be concerned that I don't hear from him for days and then he'll want to set a date?


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  • could be


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