Would want to be the boyfriend of a girl who is 2 years older than you if you really like her? And why?

And girls would you agree to be the girlfriend of a guy 2 years younger if you really like each other and why?

he's 19 i m 21. We really like each other. He wants to be my boyfriend. Wonder if i should say yes? Is it cool or bad looking to date a younger guy?


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What Guys Said 1

  • U like each other that's what matters
    I don't think society will think that it is "cool" to date a guy two years younger.
    Maybe cool for the guy to date an older girl but it really shouldn't matter that much what others thinj


What Girls Said 2

  • I'm 21 and dating somebody who's 19. it's important you guys are on the same level, not that one of you guys are still immature.

  • Why does it matter what we would or wouldn't do? I don't think our answers will change your decision either way


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