What's the difference between "Cute", "Pretty", "Beautiful", and "Sexy"?

I get called cute all the time by all my friends and new people I meet. I'm a 17 year old girl, 5'3.5 in height, skinny with some curves, medium curly/afro hair and I dress kind of like Madison Beer (IK, horrible example lmao) But I cover myself up in school and stuff. I get called cute but never pretty or anything else. Does this mean my face isn't pretty? Am I ugly?
Also, what would you guys call "Cute, Pretty, Beautiful and Sexy?" Give me celebrity examples for boys and girls


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What Guys Said 1

  • Cute - Youthful, innocent yet somewhat flirty look

    Pretty - Less youthful, but still somewhat innocent look.

    Beautiful - something a living being cannot achieve through appearance alone.. It's a state of mind, or a moment in time, in which they're completely absorbed in their passion, the exact moment when they cannot help but smile.. only then, is a person beautiful.

    Sexy - Arousing to look at.


What Girls Said 2

  • Cute : generally have a youthful look
    Pretty : look good and have thin face feature
    beautiful : look like an actress / model (generally it's a pretty girl with make up)
    sexy : arouse men just by her face I guess

    • could they be sexy just because of their body? My best friend gets called sexy all the time and she has huge boobs a big ass and an average face

    • Yes, it's surely that.

  • I get called cute all the time, but I think cute more for a facial reason tho than body


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