What does her text mean in your opinion?

I went out with this girl once and have been texting her. I think the date was good and we both had fun. She's texted first a few times and added me on snapchat first so I don't know. I asked her this to see how interested she is and I'm not totally sure how to take her response or respond back. Like what does she mean "it's up to you"?What does her text mean in your opinion?

So she's friendzoning me? or is this a different kind of thing here?


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  • No she's not friendzoning you, she's confusing you, lol it's obvious she likes you, she think a lot before sending you those message and gave you a doubt just incase you reject her or say that you're busy, it wouldn't disappoint her since she didn't expect too much


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  • Sounds like she is moving somewhere and doesn't want to be in a relationship but she is down with hanging out.

    Also just a bit of advice, women like confidence. I would leave out the "haha" from the texts. Texting haha like that makes you seem insecure or that it is taking away from the seriousness of what you're trying to say. Leaving out the haha will make you seem more decisive. In my experience, women will be more apt to go for a man who knows what he wants and is sure of himself in his intentions.

    Hope that helped you.

    • I kinda do feel insecure, she's 25 and I'm 20, I feel like she's my hot babysitter lmao. I had no idea how to read her sending mixed signals so I was just keeping it light with the hahas. But you're right I'll keep what you said in mind, it really does help.

    • Glad to be of service, good luck!

    • thanks for best answer! I hope that I helped.

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  • What don't you get? She put it all out there was honest upfront etc. not sure what your not sure on?

  • she's basically saying she's doesn't mind being friends and hanging out but she's not trying to fall in love with you or anything. by saying its up to you she doesn't want you to catch feelings for her. if you're starting to its better y'all don't hang out since she's not staying wherever y'all are.

    • I don't know if you'll see this. but it's different. she doesn't want to get attached to anyone before leaving. it makes things hard.

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    • Wait so people friendzone people they have feelings for?

    • I don't know how to help you.

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