Why is he holding onto my bra?

Ok so I did a little experiment out of curiosity on this guy I've been seeing. It's early days still but we have had sex. Well the second time we had sex I "accidentally" left my black lacy bralette on the floor of his bedroom and the necklace (nothing of value ofc) I was wearing on his night stand. My necklace had a sarcastic funny little saying on it and he thought it was cute when I wore it on our first date.
Anyway, he never told me I left these things even though it was obvious that he cleaned up his room and my bra and necklace were nowhere to be seen.
Last time we were in bed I casually asked if I had left my bralette there, to which he replied "Yes." But then I waited for him to offer it back to me and he did not.
Im thinking he's either:
1. Keeping them as a memento of me
or 2. Keeping them as a trophy for sleeping with me
or maybe both?
we are not just hooking up so it might not just be number 2. We've gone on real dates, dinners, hand holding and dates that haven't ended in sex. So real dating not just sleeping together. Opinions? Lol


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What Guys Said 2

  • Probably wants to show his boys as a trophy, especially if the bra is a sexy bra and you have big boobs. Total guy mentality, I've never done it but my friends have lol

    • he's 33 so I think he's past that but maybe hahah

    • Age doesn't really play a role.

      "Oooh you had a girl over?"

      "Yeah man, she is super hot 😏 and she left her bra, can't wait to take one off her again"

  • I did something similar recently, but I decided to return it after the smell faded away

    • The last guy I slept with I left a thong for him, but I told him about it. He recently sent me a photo of himself tugging on it with his mouth. He said it still had my essence. I thought it was hilarious lol.

    • Yep... That's what we do :)

What Girls Said 1

  • Hmm that's kinda odd but I think you should make it into a joke in front of him that he did that and might return it back to you and maybe tell you why he had kept it


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