He ended our open relationship when I went on 2 dates with someone else?

this guy is married and has been seeing me for at least 2 months. From the beginning I knew he was married and he knew I was seeing someone. Right before we had sex the first time I ended things with the guy I was with before we met. I really wasn't dating around and he knew that. The whole time we have been hooking up he would say things like "don't give my loving away" or "let me take care of your needs". All the while he's going home to his wife every night so I never once thought twice about only being with him. So for Valentine's Day a new guy took me to a super nice dinner and he saw it on my snap chat. He asked me how my date was the next day. I just said it was nice. He asked if we had sex and I said no I only have sex with one guy at a time. I also told him I see this other guy as boyfriend material so I will wait a while before I know if I will have sex with him. Unlike him, who I have as a friends with benefits and nothing more. The other weekend he asked to see me and I told him I had a date later but I want to have sex the next day because it's been a while. Now he's blocked me and isn't talking to me any more. Anything I can do to get my friends with benefits back or give me insight on what went wrong?
He has filed his lawyer is my friend that's how we met. But they are still married and not separated just yet. Still living together and I know they still have sex or he may have other girls besides me. That's why I was only interested in him as a friends with benefits


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  • Fuck him, the man is a self righteous asshole and he shouldn't be seeing other women EVEN if he is currently going through a divorce. Glad you opened your eyes and started seeing someone else, because facts are facts you where seeing him for 2 months. If he was serious about you he would have filed for divorce during that time frame..

    Kinda fucked up for his wife but honestly what's worse? Ask yourself that question

    • My opinion still stands, why have sex with someone when you don't want them. But at the same time have sex with others? The man is greedy and selfish. Please do yourself a favor and learn from this endeavor and stop defending his fuckery

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    • Thanks for your opinions. I appreciate it. :)

  • The only thing I thought about whilst reading that was his poor wife. She deserves better.

    • Agreed, poor woman. Not trying to bring you down but women like you should be ashamed of your actions. And honestly karma is a bitch... remember that

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    • My mistake

    • You should have added that to the description earlier.

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  • He was just a hypocritical jerk. Nothing more than that. Good riddance.


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