Guys, would you buy a huge teddy bear if you don't love her?

so i know valentines day is over. on that day, my boyfriend bought me a huge teddy bear (200cm). its like the same as the picture below.
guys, would you buy this for someone you don't love? and girls, what do u reckon? do you think it means he loves me?Guys, would you buy a huge teddy bear if you don't love her??

  • Yes, I would have to love her if i buy her this
  • I would have to really like her if i buy her this
  • No i do not need to love or really like her to buy her this
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  • Only for something like a girl I know dying from some disease like cancer
    Or my daughter that's like younger than 9 ( If I had one )


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  • I mean my guy friend helped my get a giant wolf stuffed animal. he was great :3 spent 20 bucks, but totally worth it

    • you liked him? ;)

    • he was kinda cute. I knew him for a while, so I found it pretty nice. I haven't seen him in a while though, so I don't know what he's doing now. I'll need to contact him one day, see how he's doing

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  • To be honest he wouldn't buy you something expensive (they are so expensive 😩) if he didn't like you in some way. Don't think too much of it. If he really really likes you he most definitely will let you know. Don't stress girly. Good luck!

  • ıt is so expensive so I don't think that they would waste their money for a girl they don't like.

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