Guys, do you feel unappreciated by women?

Do any other guys just feel unappreciated by girls/women?
1. Everywhere you go there are constantly people insisting girls go first, get away with more/ get special treatment just because they're girls.
Just yesterday i was made go back to the end of the line and wait another 10 minutes so the girls could go first because it was a hot day.
2. Everywhere you constantly see/ hear girls talking about how much more attractive women and their bodies are than men yet still claim to be straight. Men love and are very strongly sexually attracted to women's bodies whereas for women they couldn't care less as long as they aren't unhealthy.
it just leaves you with a feeling that women aren't that strongly attracted to men and they just have to put up with guys.
3. Every second female these days is bisexual/ bicurious. There is nothing wrong with bisexuality but when its every second woman its hisheartening because it just makes you feel like women aren't directly attracted to men like men are women.
80% of bisexual women date men over women, But what if men werent the initiators/ chasers in relationships? Would there be even more girls dating girls?
4. The fact that men are always chasing women.
women are constantly told how precious they are and how they shouldn't settle for any man and that the man should treat her like a princess, treat her, pay for her etc.
thats all fine and all but what about making men feel special, desired and chased for once?
5. On valentines day, around 80% of the money spent is toward women from men.
so guys do you ever feel unappreciated?


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What Girls Said 2

  • great points!! if you do feel unappreciated how could a girl make you feel so a and if not what makes you feel aporeciated... and just gonna throw this out there. ... I'm the guy then in every relationship I've ever been in because I do the asking, the spending $, providing, gifts, proposing, and chasing :( so for me... it fucking sucks and I just want to matter just once I want to be important and not invisible

    • Im sorry to hear:( it sucks.
      I don't know its just growing up men are always exposed to wgat they should do for women and for women its what men should do for women so there is just a naturally skeed perspective society has developed.
      Its just men feel disposable, girls say how they dont find their bodies attractive, they are constantly remined how much easier it is to get into a relationship for women so men should value her more etc.
      And that fact that men expect on average $5 or less spent on them from their partner on valentines day, while for women its $50 says a lot.

    • well those men certainly didn't date me... or maybe I've been the man... either way I can say all I've ever done or experienced is the male side of that and I certainly don't like it and wouldn't expect a make to either... changed my standards all the way down to just simply someone who makes me feel like I matter "(

    • You seem like a beautiful soul, hope everything works out

  • If you really feel this way... dont ask girls out. No one is making you.

    • Thats not the point.
      Men want to ask women out, men want to love women and make them feel special but they also want to be appreciated and made feel special every now and then

What Guys Said 1

  • Women inherit appreciation but men have to earn it- at least in a social setting. Online however, we're all equal.


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