Was he annoyed or is he ok?

So today after my date with my boyfriend he brought me straight home even after I was giving him signs that I wanted to have sex I was teasing him by grabbing him on our way home and touching his weak spots that turn him on... so when we got to my driveway I started teasing him more because I was a bit salty and I wanted to tease him for it by rubbing and getting on him and all that fun stuff so obviously he got really hard and wanted to have car sex but I refused and it seemed he got a little annoyed but then said "it's ok babe I'll wait" but when he was leaving he seemed upset but just said the usual "thank you for spending time with me I'll text you when I get home blah blah blah" routine. So guys do you think he got a little annoyed or disappointed or he'll be fine... I know it's not nice to tease and leave him hanging but he left me hanging so understand my position too 😬


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  • he obvious just respected your choice of refusing. if he would have forced you, that could be considered rape in most cultures.