I need help im trying to make myself ask this girl I really like but can't what do I do?

Im turning 15 soon and am going to have a job over the summer but i really want to ask this girl out. I rarely see her but I have known her for a long time. What do i do


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  • She you should ask her out in a witty/charming way

    • Thing is im so nervous just talking can be a challenge and im sort of an outgoing introvert in know that doesn't make sense but thats me and she has three other guy friends who like her too so I don't know what to do

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    • Thank you

    • You're very welcome good luck you got this 💗

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  • Talk to her privately. Tell her you'd like to be friends and go out with her.
    The worse thing she can do is say no.
    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
    I know it's hard but pluck up the courage and do it..
    Good luck
    Let me know how you get on.

    • well just as I was gonna ask her out I found out she has a boyfriend ( he asked her 3 days before me) so I kinda chickened out because I don't wanna be a douche

  • Well dating, you will need to see her a lot or at least message a lot, can you do either one if she says yes?

    • Yes. I can take a bus or pay a friend to drive me until i get my liscence

    • And maybe on messaging dont really have a phone yet so i may get one this summer but I don't know

    • Yea talking when you can't be around her is important

  • You should get her alone
    Tell her things that you like about her
    Then ask her if she would like to go out