"it got too real"?

I asked him why he's pushing me away, being cruel, and obviously avoiding me out of no where seemingly when I thought we were just having fun, the you called me your girlfriend, then you said we are figuring what we are out, and now we are just "friends" with no benefits and no communication-why? his reply was because I don't want to lead you on... I squashed that with -look I know I told you I love you but you've made it clear you aren't looking for a relationship and I don't expect you to love me nor do I want a relationship and we've already discussed this several times so you couldn't possibly lead me on - I know you don't care for me. then he responds with because it got too real. I asked what the hell he mentioned by that and the conversation was ended with no answer... what does that even mean?


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What Guys Said 2

  • it went beyond his comfort zone. he started feeling things he didn't want so he rejected those feelings and is trying to distance himself.

  • In other words you were a pain in the ass and not good enough for him. He probably found someone much hotter and isn't giving you a second thought.


What Girls Said 1

  • It doesn't matter. He got freaked out over the fact that you have feelings for him.


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