Does he not want to see me again?

The guy I'm currently dating keeps bringing up my sexual history ever since I opened up to him about it. The reason I told him was because I wanted to be honest to him about my past and how I made a few mistakes. I keep telling him that it was my past and I'm over it and I cut off contact with the two guys I was previously involved with, yet he still asks me detailed questions about the sex

He always gets upset after we have had the conversation and isn't as talkative afterwards, and seems sad and more distant with me, but then he usually picks up and is himself again.

One time he spent an hour and a half asking me about my sex life with my ex and he asked me 'was there anyone else?' And I feel like he is judging me for my mistakes.

But even though he got sad he still wanted to spend 5 more hours together with me and we were having a good time afterwards and a good laugh

Does he hate me and will he not want to see me again?


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  • Well hed be a fool to leave you for something he has no control over. I don't think he will leave you. But next time he asks you should remind him that every time you two discusss this subject he gets up set.

    Its strange really guys are so proud of how many women they have had sex with, but when they find that their girl has had sex previously with other men they feel bad or get angry. This is because men like the idea of being that girls only guy.

    He judges whether he can make you feel good or better even than those guys. Its a blow to his ego.


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  • It's not that he hates you. It's just that he probably doesn't approve of it. Even if your relationship continues, odds are that he is going to constantly make you feel terrible about it


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  • He seems to be judging you but he's probably not going to leave you... ask him next time he brings it up why is the past so important to him, aren't people together to endorse the now and plan a happy future? just be straight forward if you don't like him asking about it say so ;) best of luck

  • He's just insecure. Why don't you ask him about his history and how many girls he has been with. Even though his answer will be a lie 97% of the time. dish it back. It's not ok if he's interrogating you about your past sex life for an hour and a half that's very personal. He's like seeking validation that you are inexperienced perhaps because he is inexperienced.
    I think he's a virgin tbh.
    He doesn't hate you and stop caring if he doesn't want to see you.
    There are great men out there who won't test you. that will trust you even though u have a history. And they will make it known to you that they want you and want to see you.
    Every man wants to know a girls history but there are more important things to ask and focus on when you r getting to know someone. Don't contact him and you will see how desperate he becomes. In the mean time focus on school/career, friends, family. Date a couple men here and there. You will find a good one that won't make you feel bad.


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