I'm playing for keeps?

so I'm moving out of my roommate/friend/friends with benefits/lover/almost was my Boyfriend's house. originally hoping it would force him to finally admit to me how he feels or later to realize he has feelings or just expected him to not want me to go. but he hasn't even said a word nor made any expression at all about the whole thing and has been away more so. I wish I could give you all the details but that would take too long. ... let's just pretend the guy loves me, but is still legally married, has shared investments, and is very secretive so communication is mostly lacking... how do I get the man who's friends call me his girlfriend in conversations with him that I've happen to over hear and he doesn't correct them - as if he told them I was his girlfriend, who went from "I think think I'm in love-gf - I don't know what to call you - we are figuring out what we are- we were never in a committed relationship- I love you as a person and care about you more than a friend but you have more feelings for me than I do you- " (just some of his words that play over and over in my mind) what do I do? how do I win him back? how do I walk away from the man I love? in my mind I'll never see him again and it's killing me


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  • Did he what is stopping him from being in love, or what he feels like he's lacking? something is obviously holding him back

    • I have do idea. .. all I can do is leave which sucks

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    • he finally answered... his feelings "platooed, he doesn't see this going anywhere nor want a relationship period "

    • Did he say why he feels that way?

  • Don't bother. He doesn't love you. You're unlovable.


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  • I think if he were interested he would be trying to keep you. He seems pretty clear with his feelings when he says "You have more feelings for me than I do you". He isn't going to call your bluff because he really doesn't care for you like that. I would just move out as planned, focus on myself, my future, and moving on. He is still "legally married" also you said, so this was possibly a jump from a failed marriage to you for sex, so he probably isn't over all of his feelings from his marriage yet and your wanting him to give you 100% and he can't right now. Focus on you and moving forward.


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