Do you really want to date a super hot/gorgeous and physically perfect person?

As a guy i find attractive girls... well attractive, and the attractiveness level vary from average, to above average, to cute, to hot to super hot (or gorgeous ) I aim to date to the cute/hot girls, they're attractive but not super attractive they're not perfect and still have some flaws that aren't deal breakers but still there.

It seems to be that gorgeous girls with really gorgeous faces and super attractive symmetrical bodies and great hair are harder to maintain physically, economically and emotionally, they require more money, they require protection since someone that hot will be hit on left and right, plus such girls often have their own emotional baggage and dangerous guys who want to date them, and ofcourse when a girl knows she's that hot she will not settle for a normal, average life style.

In my honest opinion really good looking people with perfect bodies are too much work, i will worrying more than actually enjoying it (assuming i find such a girl who happens to like me and be single as well), so what about you guys and girls alike, Do you really want to date a Physically super attractive perso who has rare good looks and great body combination? could you atcually maintain such a relationship or it wouldn't last long? what kind of effect it will have on you mentally?


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