Why didn't he want to tell his family about me?

The guy I dated, couldn't wait to show me off to his friends. But for some reason he never wanted his family to know we were together. The thing is that I knew his family and they used to tease him about me when ever I visited them. The first time he asked me out, his sister asked me to visit at the same time and I said no I can't come because I was going out with him. And I got the feeling that she didn't know. And I mentioned it to his parents after we broke up, when his father said he is still crazy about me. And the father said that he will always mess things up.

I am a little confused why this happened. Any input will be appreciated.


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  • Probably because he thought it was too soon. Or he just didn't have the best relationship with them. Or he thinks his parents can be pretty annoying. It could be anything completely unrelated to you.


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