Is It Considered As An Unhealthy Relationship If It Was Started This Way?

Hi can someone share me the idea of how men gain their affection toward women?

After having good short time chat, continue by great sex, having activities together... Is it possible to be really fall into someone just by these? Can a great sex become the biggest factor to make you say 'I love you' to someone? Because after that event, a guy seemed to have his turning point toward me, looked like he was really into me. Is it considered as an unhealthy relationship if it was started this way?

I'm a 21 y. o woman and I have a long distance relationship with a 38 y. o guy. I met him while he was having holiday in my city for a month, and we became so close in the last 2 weeks inseparable and then he must back to his country to finish his study. He promised me for a visit in his next Uni break. Nothing feels wrong so far, we really enjoy each other company... But maybe I'm a bit feeling insecure about how come we fall into each other so fast.


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What Guys Said 2

  • There's a truism. Women need love to feel sexy, and men need sex to feel loved.

    That said, at 38 he's still in school? That's odd. I'm suspicious. Sorry, but I am.

    • Hey thanks for sharing your opinion, it's really true life quote 😍
      But still, I wish Im in a safe zone of his perception if I gave him all of me, not thinking as I'm an easy one 😕
      Yes he is still at University to take his Master degree... Maybe a bit too old but never too late 😉

    • I wouldn't worry about the too fast part too much. Everyone's different. As for school, true. I'm in school myself, but online.

  • the age difference is noteworthy, but no, starting a relationship with sex isn't bad


What Girls Said 1

  • Girl I've never had a relationship start in any other way -- and every relationship I've ever had has been good, for me.

    In fact, my story with my husband is a lot like yours. When we met, we were living thousands of miles apart, on different continents -- and we had exactly 15 hours together before we parted ways.
    By the time we'd spent just an hour together, I already knew I would NEVER again meet another man with whom I'd feel the same exhilarating -- and terrifying -- strength of pure attraction, infatuation, and lust.


    We were long-distance for a little over a year.

    When we first parted ways, I was afraid I'd never hear from him again (... and I was someone who'd consistently thrown away boys when I was done with them, and never rlly cared much). ... But I did.

    When I went to see him, I would "test" him -- relentlessly. I tied my stockings around precise points on his bedposts, I left my lipsticks and lip glosses in certain exact locations in his drawers and cabinets, and I even wrote a giant message in red lipstick right in the middle of his bathroom mirror.
    If ANY of these things had been moved, I told myself -- or even if the lipstick message were erased just so he could look at his own face in the whole mirror -- then I'd be GONE, and done with him forever.
    Obviously, something inside me was screaming, "Too good to be true!"... adn so I was giving him almost impossible tasks. I was trying to sabotage the relationship, because it was just TOO GOOD.
    ... He never moved ANYTHING. The lipstick stayed there... forever. Even when he moved out, he left that lipstick message on that mirror.
    Well... fuck. <3

    Our 16th wedding anniversary is coming up pretty soon. He's STILL too good to be true. And our marriage just keeps getting better every year.

    ... and you damn well bet we started off by fucking. That boy fucked his way right into my heart and my soul... and that's the *only* way he could have FIRST gotten in there.


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