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so, lately i've been talking a lot to the guy i like through messages, and i think he shows interest in me too because he is always asking me a lot of questions during the conversation. we haven't talked a lot face to face, but we haven't had a lot of opportunities to do so, because both of us have different groups of friends and he's older than me.
yesterday, he told me he was going to do some kind of intern job in a city near ours. i told him i was going to miss him, and he told me not to worry because we could arrange a meeting somewhere. i got super happy and said it was a great idea. but i am a little worried because if we really get to go somewhere alone i'm afraid we won't know what to talk about and it'll be a total disaster. and also because i can be receiving the wrong message and maybe he isn't interested in me at all.
any help?
thanks :)


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  • don't go then


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