What should I do?

So i have been talking to this girl and sex is really important in a relationship, she finds all that stuff weird but will still have sex, she said in a year and i dont think i can wait. We are both virgins


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  • If you can't wait then break up with her. She's not ready yet so I don't think it's fair to do this but it's better than cheating on her.

  • Find a different girl because she deserves a guy who will wait


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  • Let me just make sure I understand your question. What should you do in this situation where she wants to wait a year for sex and you're not sure you can wait?

    Assuming that's the question, here are my thoughts from a relationship coaching lens:

    1) Ask and answer (truthfully) the following question: Why can't I wait? Is it because sex is more important to me than the intellectual and emotional aspects of our relationship? Is it... something else?

    2) If sex is more important to you and you are convinced that you cannot wait, you need to end the relationship. Here's why. If she wants to wait a year, as she has expressed, you will be holding on and getting more impatient and resentful towards her. Worse than this, however, you don't want to try and pressure her into doing it sooner. It will hurt her in the long run and it will sour the relationship. I'm not suggesting you'd force anything, but even coaxing isn't healthy here.

    • 1) No but i could probably find another

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    • I figured, just wanted to clarify. Frankly, you deserve a lot of credit for being honest about your needs and having the integrity to make the tough (leave) but right call. Many a young men would've taken the easy way out and stayed with her while cheating on her.

    • thats one thing i will never do because it happened to me

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