What should I Do (we had a fight) kind of?

Me and my girlfriend went to the cinema, - she was hungry so said can we get chips first, the movie started at 8:30 and we were outside the cinema exactly at that time, so I said okay yeah we can go to the chipper,

we went in and she said what are you having and I said I'm not hungry I'll have a drink... and she storms out of the chipper saying "oh fineee" it looked embarsssing on me... I said baby... baby it's okay have what you want... still kept walking off back to the cinema.

i just find it pathetic... she's 25 years old acting like a 5 year old we haven't talked in hours after that so I don't know what to do... I don't even know who was in the right I think I was :/

any advicd please?


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What Girls Said 2

  • :/ is this type of childish behavior normal for her? Either way heck no and refuse to be treated that way. That was very disrespectful. You need to find out why she is disrespecting you. Respect is very important for a relationship to be healthy and last.

  • I feel like you're in the right, you can't control your hunger


What Guys Said 1

  • Sure, find out or try to think about what the heck reason she was mad.

    I'm going to guess she thought you were trying to not eat to bring up a "I'll make the first move but you are fat" thing. I've heard of that before. You say you are not hungry and the girl thinks you are calling her fat.

    Or you can get into BDSM to strike back!


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