Does this mean anything?

Yesterday, when I walked into my 4th block class and got to my sit, the guy that sits across from me looked at me (i think he did?) then turned to the person I kinda like and said "who's your girlfriend -insert the name of the guy I kinda like-? -insert female name that's not mine-?"
Then the guy I kinda like looked at me (I'm 99% sure he did) and looked back at the dude real quick and was like "what? No"

And then later (not too long later) he was like "Hey -insert my name- guess what?"
I said "what?"
Then he was like "nothing"

And Today,
he asked me for some food
and I was like "I don't have some right now, but I had some this morning that I gave to my friend"
and he got fake angry and was like "you should've gave it to me"
and etc. like that

Do these things mean anything?
or having possible meaning?
what is your opinion on this?


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  • It sounds like he may like you. Also he may like just screwing (not sex) with you. I always like to find out for sure, so I ask the source rather than others. It might be hard, but you get the facts this way. Good luck with this guy!


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  • No it doesn't


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