Girl has gone from burning hot to ice cold. Will she come back?

Very long story short:

- 4 dates, all amazing, slept together on the first date (timespan of 2 weeks).

- her actions and words while around me have made it obvious that she's EXTREMELY into me (she tells me she really likes me every 10min, gives me compliments all the time, tells me she's never felt this way before, and she's super affectionate).

- she just got out of a relationship of 3 years (she broke it off) so she doesn't know what she wants.

-Warned me several times that she was going to be very distant while a relative was visiting her, has been very distant since.

- Haven't communicated for a week and a half (ball is in her court).

So what are the chances she actually does come back into my life?

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Just to add, last time we spoke was on the phone and I had asked her if everything was fine and she said "yea I told you I was going to be distant".


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  • She warned you she was going to be distant... that might have been her way of letting you down easy now she's got what she needed from the rebound.

  • Don't be surprised if she does not come back if she just got out a relationship recently.


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