Yes/No: Should I go for it & message this guy "I think you're cute." Or is that too much too soon?

I asked about him before on here but I'm at a point where I want to make a move. I met him exactly a week ago, in a college class of mine. He seems super friendly and nice to me and I sensed flirting, but maybe he is just friendly. The night before we met, strangely, we matched on tinder. We saw each other again this week but our science class really is so focused we don't have time to talk and he seemed really into working.
I won't get a chance to talk to him in class, at least in a flirty way because it's a lab and there's people all around us. So, should I message him on tinder, "I think you're really cute." ? I want him to know I like him or want to go out with him... but I don't want to appear thirsty or if he doesn't like me for things to be weird in class. What else could I do if not this?

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  • Ask him to coffee and make it as a friend (practice) date. That way you can know what he is like before putting the moves. Telling him without truly knowing him may make you regret later on and have to deal with a guy who thinks you truly like him though your sparks for him died. It will also help to find similarities with you both and you both can get comfortable with each other. Do what you want, but this would help you see if he's worth the time. Hope this helps :)

    • But I'm not telling him I like him? I'm just saying I think he's really cute (physically) ... that doesn't imply anything further?

    • Well, that depends on the guy in actuality. He might think that you might like him like that. But again, it would depend on how he will perceive it. Telling a guy he is cute might make him think "oh, she's attracted to me." If your saying this because you are attracted to him, then do so, but if its just a "I htink your cute, just wanted to let you know and there is nothing else than that thought." then you should imply that when you tell him. Now adays, people will think one thing and it may be a whole other thing to the other person. What I'm saying is, go ahead, but make sure you imply what your trying to say to him as to not get into a sticky situation later if he gets the wrong idea. Hope this helps :)

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  • yes go ahead


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  • To be honest this has happened to me before and I regret not telling the guy I really liked how I felt. I would say to go for it, I just wouldn't want you to regret it later like I did. Let him know how you feel, I know it might be scary or nervewrecking but whatever the outcome is at least you know you tried and did it.


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