Having Mental Breakdown? Help?

I don't know what to think or do, and I'm in panic right now.

I'm in love with this girl, but I tried asking her out, and I think she is seeing someone else...

And she has been super awkward around me when I tried telling her I liked her...

I tried talking to her about the awkwardness but she said there is none (lie)

I just saw her today and am having a breakdown...

Please help.

I wish I could have an open talk with her, but she doesn't want to and I'm really confused about my feelings and have a breakdown when I see her.


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  • Take some time away from her do something you enjoy to keep her out of your mind. Go out with your buddies have a good laugh about things. You need to sort yourself out before you can sort things out. By sort I mean calm down. You are okay. It's not the end of the world. You are okay.

    She can use the time to sort her ownself out as well. If you come on too strong after she turned you down she wouldn't feel good either.

    • Trying to calm down, having anxiety..

      What does that mean? Why would she feel bad coming on too strong after she turned me down?

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    • Thanks Queen Kiki, You have amazing help. I'm letting your messages soak in.

      I'm in a really messed up place, can I message you or ask more questions here? You really seem like a person who can help me.

      I was in a really great mood, working out with my friends, being positive...

      Today I found out that she indeed is dating/has a new boyfriend confirmed.

      I knew already, but just being confirmed is hard.

      My heart hurts, she cuddles, spends time, kisses, loves, laughs with this guy...

      It's all I picture. I want her so bad, yet Im so confused and I don't understand myself.

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  • Dude. You gotta calm down.
    I can tell by the way you wrote this that you came on too heavy.
    If a girl came at me like that, I would flee as fast as possible.
    Have a drink and burn one. Have a little "me time". Whatever works.
    When you are calm again, try some small talk. Go from there.

    • Heavy? How so? I just had strong feelings...

    • You gotta ease your way into a woman's affections. You can't just roll up "hey I'm crazy about you."
      Everything starts with small talk. The weather, work, movies, whatever. Get to know her better.
      Let her get comfortable with you. Find something you both like and talk about that. It sounds like you are serious about the girl. That means you have the time to play the long game.
      Don't rush. She'll get spooked, then you'll have to go back to square one.

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  • I can't understand you on the emotion you have right now. But one thing I can say is just take it easy. If she doesn't like you then I think there is no need for you to talk to her. But if you really feel that she also like you then maybe you just have to take some time. Relax yourself for a while. Don't think about her or what she think about you. Just be calm. Give her a time also for now.

  • She liked you, you say. Did she come straight and tell ya so?

    • No, just the way she smiled, laughed, looked into my eyes... There was a connection

  • if you already asked he and she doesn't want to, then it's kind of out of your hands.

    • I'm just so lost... Like what actually happened? Am I crazy? Is she manipulative? Why won't she just open up? Am I a horrible person?

    • I don't think you are the problem. but at some point you just need to wait it out or give up, if you have already taken the right steps.

    • I think I convinced myself that I am the problem, and she is completely innocent.

      I am not very patient and waiting is hard...

      I am a fighter, And I can't give up :(

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