Girls, is this girl even worth it?

Our first date went well and she even said that she was down to go out again but she still texts back really slow to the point that I think that she is just ignoring my texts. But she eventually texts back and they seem like the texts aren't half-assed. She says things like "Good Afternoon :)" and "hope your day went well." I asked her to take a class with me and she even said "Okay, Can't wait :)))." I think that my confusion comes from how long it takes her to respond. I read somewhere online that said "No one is ever too busy to text you back" and "If she likes you then she'll text you back fast."


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  • don't read into it too much. go out with her again and see how you feel, and if after that she still seems disinterested, text her about it (in like a non-pushy way lol)

    most likely she's just busy or something so don't overthink it.

    • How do you ask things like that withou being pushy/looking clingy?

  • What is really slow? Are we talking hours, days?

    • Yesterday she didn't text me at all. But she responded today. I mean, this week is understandable because she said she had midterms.

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    • Should I ask her that through text?

    • Text or call her - whichever you feel the most confient to do. Bear in mind that if you call/text this week she is unlikely to confirm a date until her exams are done and she has recovered from the stress of all that.

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