Is it love or just lust?

my boyfriend and I has been dating for 8 months now.
we say we love each other.
we would have sex and when he leaves all I could think about is having sex again.
I think my boyfriend might be cheating on me. and when I confront him about it, he said he doesn't and I "believe" him. I make myself believe him.
even with this doubt and issues all I could think of is that I love him and I want to have sex with him.
he is a great boyfriend very loving and caring.
and I tell him I love him and he tells me he loves me.
even knowing/doubting his loyalty I just want to keep having sex with him. I want to keep him no matter what.
now thinking about it.. it made me question if I really do love him or if it's just lust.
yes he's freaking great in bed

he still sees his exgf because they have kids together. and I 90% believe he's cheating. and I asked him he says he is not even attracted to her.. that he loves her but only because she's the mom of his kids. the exgf wants him back and she's determined. that She even went and had sex with him when me and my boyfriend were not official yet and she got my number from his phone and she texted me that they had sex
I'm not stupid I can tell.
wait I guess I am stupid coz I still want to keep him no matter...


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  • From a relationship coaching lens, this is LUST or perhaps being 'in love' which is different than loving someone and having them love you in return. Being 'in love' is a feeling of smitten-ness. Loving someone and being loved in return is feelings and actions and experiences that are deep and sustained. So, you might be 'in love' with him and the great sex is likely the main reason.


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  • It sounds like lust to me.


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  • What leads you to believe that he is cheating on you. Hard evidence?

  • Light a candle, have a funeral of this relationship and forget about about it!

  • It's lust, not love.

  • I think it is both of it


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