Is it so bad to say something about myself while getting to know a girl?

like wtf? lol does a girl just want to hear herself talk? or have an actual conversation?
im a curious person in general, so as long as a person is talking about something that interests them, i'll be genuinely interested, but i feel like as soon as i say something about me that is longer then 2 or 3 sentences, they always seem super uninterested, sometimes just even just an answer to something they asked.

this always kills me lmao


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  • I'm guessing you two end up having a boring conversation because you have little in common? Talk about THINGS you like, not yourself/herself. Or, if need be, talk about what you like to do, so you can come up with concerts to go to OR movies to see!! You should find out what you two have in common before moving forward with this relationship. Don't end up like me. I'm in a relationship with a guy who only literally has sex in common with me (kinky). My ex, on the other hand, had EVERYTHING but sex in common with me. Both types of relationships are bad.


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