How to start a conversation with a girl in class?

I sit next to this girl in my college class and we haven't spoken before. I think she is cute but I don't know how to start a conversation. I was thinking of asking her if she knew when the next test will be and go on from there but would that make me stupid because it is on the syllabus?
What should I say after this? Should I then say "I'm John by the way" and then she introduces herself and I ask her what her major is and etc..


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  • It's not that difficult. Approach her and ask her something related to your class or the professor. Before that introduce yourself.


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  • You just do dude its not that hard. Just let it come natural dont' try to choreograph it otherwise you will fall right on your face.

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    • there are no rules on what you should say, just be yourself

    • you can start it like that. The key is as long as you make her laugh even if its just once

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  • talk like a normal human being. you could start with "Hi, I'm john" you could even compliment her to show interest. if all else fails you can use "so... how about this weather" as a last resort. good luck my man

  • Easiest way to slay: Be intelligent, outgoing, and show off these qualities during class discussions. You will literally have your pick of every girl in class.

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