Am I about to get ghosted or am I just being paranoid?

I have been chatting almost every day to a guy from about an hour away from me. We met on match. There seemed to be some kind of chemistry and we often have long chats talking about life, the universe and everything. There has been some naughtier chat but definitely not the bulk of our conversations. Friday night we were texting for about two hours having a deep conversation. Sat I was out and he still messaged me. Sunday he was busy but I liked a pic on his Instagram from his day out and about. Monday we had another 2 hour conversation. All fine - no issue.

However, we had said about meeting up this weekend but I had no firm plans. I texted him Tuesday night trying to start a convo but I think he was busy as he took half hour to respond and it was minimal responses both times so I left it.

I didn't hear from him Weds day time so I figured if he's going to flake on the weekend or changed his mind, I need to know. I just sent a hey how are you text around 9pm and now it's 5am (I am up early for work) and there is still no double blue ticks on whatsapp. It's not like any of his past behaviour contact wise. He was really keen about meeting and I'm even travelling to his city so it's not like he has to travel.

Do I give him the benefit of the doubt if he messages today (Thursday)?

He hasn't unfollowed me on social media. I am not blocked on whatsapp as I can still see if he is online (though he has amended his last seen to not be shown) but the message only has two grey ticks making me think ignoring or archived.

Help me out here - what's going on?

My gut is that since Monday afternoon he's lost interest in meeting and chatting or found someone else. I have dated some idiots so this might not be at all fair!


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  • It's only been a few days, it really sounds like he may just be busy with work. Wait a little while longer before asking him about the weekend plans.

    • Thank you!

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    • I held off. I was going CRAZY! I got a reply at 2pm the next day apologising for phone battery issues. He didn't need to apologise so that was nice. Could be a lie but I choose to believe him lol

    • ... I will just continue going crazy then. LOL...

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  • I wouldn't hit him up unless he hits u up

    • Thank you. I've texted him last night so as far as I can see the ball is in his court.

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  • I don't think he is that interested in you. He is probably talking to other women.


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