Relationship help- new relationship and he said this?

So we started officially dating as of last night and we've had a thing off and on for months... I have said I love you to him, and he says he "kinda feels the same tbh."
Tonight he says it doesn't really feel like we're together. So i suggested we fix that.


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  • Sounds like he's trying to bait you to have sex with him.

    • No, he's not, we live an hour away from each other and if he just wanted that he'd say it outright. I know this because he has

    • So he has said it outright? So he definitely is baiting you then.

    • No. He has before. He's very direct as well as honest and tells me what he wants. I know he wants sex, but he and I know not only is it impossible right now, it's not something we should focus on. We had this discussion.

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