What is his aim? Is he sending mixed signals?

I went out with this guy two times. The first time he asked me out and the second time I asked him out. The second date went really well and he asked me out for a third. I told him to text me when he was free.

Anyways, 5 days went by and I had not heard from him. So I started a conversation with him (avoiding the conversation of the third date). It came up in convo that he was sick and was really busy with school.

Anyways, he told me that he was originally going to ask me out that weekend but did not want me to get sick. I told him I really would have liked to have seen him but I understood. I told him we could do it after he gets better.

He then told me that if he was feeling better he would do it. So he texts me the next day and tells me he is too sick to do it. He was like, maybe this week?

And I told him that I was available anytime before Thursday!!

Anyways, I did not hear from him and so on Tuesday or Wednesday I texted him. I started up a conversation again and found out (without bringing up the third date) that he had two midterms on thurusday and a paper due after spring break (which started on Friday!! ).

So anyways the conversation kind of dies when he doesn't respond to my comment. And at that point I just think he is not interested or is sending mixed feelings. So I decide to give up and move on.

This guy acts really interested in person but he is not good over social media (even though I believe he is always online).

So anyways, I'm on my break, and everything is going good. It has been a week since I had a conversation with him.

Anyways, tonight at 11:30pm he texts me asking how my break is going.

My question is : what is up with this guy? is he interested? wanting a one night stand? or is he just wanting to be friends?

I've never gotten the vibe from him that he wanted a one night stand. He is really talkative in person but nervous. He is always trying to initiate the conversation in person even when things get awkward.


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What Guys Said 2

  • have you ever considered that he is actually being honest when he's telling you he's busy and was sick. Him prioritizing his future over you doesn't mean he isn't interested. it seems like when he's free he does attempt to try to talk to you which is a good sign

  • If you really want him to be into you try to talk to him more he might be on the wall right now but if you act interested people act interested right back so ask him how his day went at the end n bring up specifics like something you know he was going to do if u act interested and he's at all into you he will ask you similar stuff if he doesn't reciprocate then he's probably lost interest or is too focused on other things in his life to handle what he would need to put into a relationship


What Girls Said 1

  • I have no idea, but I'd assume that he is not that serious about you.


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