Meeting him for the first time today?

So I was talking to this boy and we are practically together and a couple of days ago, we arranged to meet up today. My mum knows about it so don't panic!!! She will be coming with me to meet him before and because it's a shopping centre she said she's gonna stay in a coffee shop and maybe swan around the shops if I need her. I know you might think that won't make me nervous at all now that my mums staying but no I'm still nervous I could cry. I'm with him for 3 hours and is that how long I'm gonna be so nervous? We are meeting at 12 o'clock this after noon and I'm still in bed and it's 8;13 and I've so scared. I'm shaking loads already. Can you please help me with some advice because it feels like I'm alone on this and I would really like some advice? Thanks


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What Guys Said 1

  • Don't worry!
    The one time i also went to the shopping centre to meet up with a brand new female friend that i met over "Instagram".

    Few years later and she is one of my best friends...

    You could make this person feel awkward because you arrive with an awkward approach or you can shower so that you arr more refreshed... and then go put on your best jeweller and stuff so that you feel more confident...

    Everything is going to be fine!
    You got a long over the phone so why would in person be different!
    Go out and make friends! =D =D =D


What Girls Said 1

  • You need to chill. If the guy is known to be polite, nothing negative will happen. Odds are that she will end up liking him more.
    What are you so scared of?

    • I've already met him and it went great

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