If a girl texts you at 3:30 AM, she was probably thinking of you when she did it right? Would she know it's a weird time to text?

And how does that correspond to her interest in you, provided you flirt, text and try to be around one another when you're out and about?


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  • ah yeah. why do you only try to be around each other when out and about is there a reason you can't be in your home's together?

    • So the answer is yeah, she was tossing and turning thinking about me?

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  • Probably looking to get fucked.


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  • I wouldn't text anyone at that time unless they were a close friend or I was into them.

    • So it should have been pretty obvious then right?

      Would you be tossing and turning thinking about the guy? Or would you have been dreaming about him or what?

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    • What if the guy was better looking than her boyfriend? Like a lot better looking? Would she be on the fence about cheating?

      And if she cut off contact, would she be trying to save her relationship and be a decent gf?

    • why do you care she's taken STOP

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  • If is a friend that might be worried about you! If is a new friend that might have a crush on you and she can't stop thinking about you

    • It's a new friend... so she was tossing and turning thinking about me?

      Does she know it's a weird time and what it means?

      And how does she reconcile that with having a boyfriend, she never told me about him by the way.

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    • what's the 3:30 meaning?

    • she probably a whore if your into that go for it girls with boyfriend's don't text other guys or flirt with them