Plus girl dating a fitness fanatic, opinins? Helpful advice please?

Me and this guy have had a few dates we are interested in each other very much. He is a basketball player and fitness trainer as well as a nutritionist he is sooo fine and very sweet and genuine guy. I am very attracted to him not just for his looks but he dose live a lifestyle slightly different to mine. I am a plus girl always have been always will be I have been in better shape then what i am in now but do to my PCOS i have had struggle getting back into shape. I am normally very confident with how I look but for some reason with him I feel abit shy and intimidated. Im not sure as to why I feel this way, anythoughts or has anyone else felt this way before?


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  • From a relationship coaching lens, I must say that while I understand the reasons for you being intimidating. You likely feel this way because you find yourself comparing yourself to him--we've all done this before. I used to go out with my guy friends who have always been taller and more muscular than me and it made me intimidated around them.

    This is all about your confidence in his presence and as you work through it, you want to avoid letting it seep through and take over your confidence and his perceptions. Meaning, he likes you and you like him. But the more you second guess yourself, especially if it affects how you interact with him, the more uncomfortable he will become--he will notice it.


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  • There is nothing wrong with dating a partner who is into fitness when you are plus size. We are all different. and have different interests and likes. This guy already likes you and is attracted to you. Otherwise he wouldn't be talking to you.

    I'm in a similar position. I'm plus size and dating a wonderful guy who hits the gym on a regular basis. I had a talk with him about my physical appearance and he said that I am gorgeous and thinks I'm very attractive :)

    I think this guy really likes you. Try to be confident, know that he wouldn't be hanging out with you if he didn't want to. So don't feel like he's only doing it to be nice. He likes you :) That's the important thing.

    Sometimes I feel self-conscious because out of all the women my guy could be with, he's chosen me. But then I think about who I am as a person. I'm a nice person, I have good qualities and lots to offer. So why wouldn't a guy feel happy to have me? You should feel like that too, you should feel as though your guy is lucky to have you as well :)

    Physical attraction is just one aspect of relationships. In the long run, it's not that important to subscribe to a certain aesthetic. Ultimately it's who you are that matters most :)


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  • I dated a girl that had the same issue. Just be yourself. He already likes you. You said that your self. From my point of view I wished that she came out to say how she felt. Just tell him how you feel. and as far as your health and fitness. You need to do that for you. Not for anyone else. You will be just fine.

  • He wouldn't keep dating you if he didn't like you.


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