He finally proposed but I'm always skeptical?

I always feel like he's going to change his mind. I always feel like I'm not enough for him. He's changed so much for me, and those changes really count. He use to be a complete tool and said if I gave him the time of day he'd be a better man for me and he is but now that I have this perfect guy who I'm spending the rest of my life with. I'm worried I'm going to drive him away. My trust issues mess with my head but he is so perfect and I don't wanna lose him. How can I relax more? How can I trust more?


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  • I feel like this a lot. Honestly, it's so hard to get those evil thoughts out of your head, especially when you feel like they are too good for you and too good to be true. But something I do whenever I have doubts is just repeat "we're ok" to myself. After a while I realize we're better than ok, we're great. It forces me to think about all the good things instead of being negative. He's just proposed so thinks are at a high right now. You should just relax and stop worrying about messing it up. Like you said he is a changed man so you should trust him. He didn't propose for no reason, he is ready to be with you for life.


    Also, how long have you guys been together? It's super cute that you describe him as the perfect guy and you're excited to be spending the rest of your life with him :) You just have to know that he feels the exact same!

    • Over a year and a half

    • Well congratulations! :D

    • Thank you. I have just been in super bad relationships.. abused bad and when someone comes along who has always just been my friend who I never thought twice about and he is my best friend.. and hanged everything and I'm finally treated well I don't know what to do with myself

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  • he changed for your pathetic ass make some effort and change for him jesus 😠😒😒


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