Girls, Zero luck on Tinder. What should I make of it?

I am a non-white man who has recently moved to Melbourne, Australia. I started using Tinder here for the first time and after over a month, I have barely a dozen matches and none of them is even remotely attractive. I have tried all kinds of photos and changed my bio several times.

I haven't really interacted with women much in real life here yet. But this makes me wonder if I should expect constant rejection in person too. Back home, I was considered attractive and mostly went for 7+s. This has kind of reinforced my fear that my different background and looks (in a majority white society) may make it hard to connect with people here and be accepted.


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  • It may be your picture, I'm terrible at taking picture personally and have a lot of experience; are you in the right angle? Right lighting? I'd say don't expect rejection, I kinda think that 'ugly,' (less appealing) people don't worry about how they look, they don't put in effort like you are. You'll definitely find someone

    • It's not picture. I've tried soooo many.

    • Hmm... well, there's not anything you can do to make people like you, all you can do is be yourself and if people don't like it there's just not much you can do. Not everyone can appeal to the majority, maybe you're supposed to be with one certain girl and not have a bunch of girls liking you. Also maybe try to switch to meeting in person.

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