Why did he stop talking to me and avoids me now?

So i rejected this guy but he said we would stay friends. He still talks to me after then after 7 months, come January, he started ignoring. Why is this? Does he not want to be my friend anymore? This bothers me coz i like him too.


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  • You're delusional if you think you can stay friends after a rejection

    • Yea i know that... Just that he's words differ...

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    • Do you believe everything you hear?

    • Okay dont need to be rude. I get your point.

  • He's probably still hurt. BUT... you like him now? Why did you reject him?

    • Coz he's not serious though sometimes he hints about it like settling down etc. And other people saying he's playing girls. I like him then but not that strong. But since he still talked to me and everything after i rejected him, i got closer with him. I actually intend to confess to him lol then he started ignoring me. I know it's odd of me lol

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    • Did you find the time to tell him how you really feel? That seems like it'd be the only way, by explaining that you didn't think he was serious.

    • He wasn't. Either i play along or stop..

What Girls Said 1

  • He doesn't want to be with someone he has feelings for. You should have expected that.


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