He is saying he wants to be friends while he gets his life together and is scared to fall in love again. should I still be his friend?

So I have been dating this guy for the past few months and we've really been in bliss. We talked everyday & Recently we didn't talk for a few days and when he did text me, he was asking if we weren't talking anymore. I didn't text him because I wanted to see where his head was at, (if he really wanted me) so I wrote him back and he mentioned that he still wants to be friends so I was confused because I thought we were building something. So he says that he is also scared to fall in love again because of his last relationship and he isn't where he wants to be in life. Should I just not be his friend or have faith that one day we will be? I am currently ignoring him.

So he came to see me realllyyyy early in the morning , to talk and to see me , I guess I won't ignore him , actions speak louder (& no there was no sex involved) lol


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  • Ignoring him is the wrong choice but I assume it is what you are doing because you don' really know what to do.

    Tell him that you want to talk. Express your feelings and your concern for his feelings. Explain that you really can't go backwards in a relationship but you can slow down so he won't feel that things are rushing forward, out of control. But (if you feel this way) tell him that being just friends is not enough.


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  • It sounds more like he needs a female freind than a relationship now. Female freinds are valuable to guys. So I'd suggest being his freind but not with benefits. He might latter try again romantically with you. But I don't think that will happen.

    • So are you two just freinds now for sure?

    • We are back to where we were , I think he thinks I'm gonna leave him or something and I didn't plan to

    • So where is that point for you two?

  • ... Stay his friend. Please. Ignoring him is definitely not a good idea. The guy is clearly dealing with something in his life and it would be horrible to ignore him.


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  • I wouldn't hold onto the hope you'll be a couple one day. Never put your life on hold for anyone. Be with a guy who isn't indecisive about wanting to be with you.

    Don't just befriend him in the hope you'll eventually be together , but if you think you can accept being just friends, and you also value his friendship then accept his hand of friendship

    He's putting his feelings above yours. He's making the best decisions for himself, so you need to do the same.

    • I wasn't planning on holding my life for him but everyone who answered made my decision easier I'm going to ignore him. There's no point for friendship.

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