What's wrong with this girl?

So I have a classmate/friend who my friends say she might have a crush on me, she goes to the same university, and we were classmates for two semesters although the first semester we haven't really talked, and we are both girls, and yes she is into girls. we started talking In the second semester and now we're kind of friends. Lately she started giving me mixed signals so I don't know if she likes if she don't I really don't know anymore...
So these some of the signs she makes when we first started talking , She seems very excited and nervous when she sees me, She grins, She initiates a conversation, She turns her body my way even if I'm standing far away , She laughs at everything I say LITERALLY EVERYTHING, She seems to want to know more about me, She gives me kind of a weird stare almost dreamy almost lust it's weird, She gets so near to me when we talk, She touches me "puts her hand on my shoulder" sometimes touches my arm, She was talking to her friend on the phone and ignored her to talk to me because I was in rush, She ignored her friends group to take a walk with me. These signs obviously say that she likes me but lately she started acting hot and cold, she crosses her arms, she seems to be angry with me but i didn't even do anything, she would still laugh but she seems to regret it when she does, I feel like she trying to put some distance between me and her. So when I saw she was acting this way i decided to go back to my friend because I was hanging out with her and with her friends, and she said no don't go let her come to hang with us, and she seems to get upset when i get angry..
Guys help? Why do you think she's acting this way? She suddenly got angry for no apparent reason


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What Guys Said 2

  • Maybe she's sick of making moves that you don't respond to? I mean if she likes you and she's flirting with you but gets no where, surely she would give up sooner or later.
    Honestly, you should ask her if she's into you and if she says yes then tell her your feelings.

  • you should give her a strap on time 😂


What Girls Said 1

  • She was probably interested in you in the past, but she is starting to get over you.


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