What does it mean when you hit it off really well with a shy girl? First time she did not look up. The nexttime we were talking we were friends?

It felt nice but weird. I have never see a shy/quiet girl open up so fast to anyone. The first time I went over and talked with her. She did not even look me in the eye and she did not really even respond much. The next time I saw her she was way more warm and talkative. For a few minutes we were talking like we were old friends. It felt nice and weird at the same time. I have never had anyone warm up to me that fast. What do you think it means? Does she like me, does she only see me as a friend, what would make her open up so fast?


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  • She's opening up that's a good thing starting off friendly I guess

    • So in your opinoin it is just a good start and does not mean anything?/ I could passably make it either.

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    • Well at this point I don't even know if I want something or not. I might just take a new female freind. Also I have no idea if she is even single.

    • Like I said being friendly is cool

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