He is still caught up on his ex girfriend?

I've been dating this guy for about a month and its become apparent that he still feels some type of way about her. He told me they work together and they were dating for 5 years and also engaged. She ended everything and is now dating someone else they both work with and he just recently found out she is pregnant by her new boyfriend who is also going to jail soon. I understand that he is in a difficult situation and I'm not worried about them working together. The thing is that every time im with him he brings her up and i can tell he is still heart broken. I'm kind of out of things to say to him about it and I dont want to keep repeating myself. Im trying to be patient and hope this goes away with time but in the meantime...

is there something else i can say or do to try and get his mind off this?

Thank You


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  • he definitely doesn't sound like his ready for a relationship with you anytime soon. He isn't over her and working with her will only make him more upset seeing her happy. dont be the 2nd women be the 1st women to a man. As harsh as it sounds he is using you as a getting over her mechanism and an emotion dump. He may say nice things to you but his actions are saying something different. he sounds like he needs alone time to figure things out by himself and get over the situation by himself with you obviously still supporting him but giving him space. This will probs be the best thing to do as you're giving him time to figure things out and he will probably respect you more in the long run and will see how amazing & caring you are :) hope i helped

    • Yeah I see what you are saying. He has an internship at a hospital now in addition to the job they work together at and he said he is most likely going to quit this job for the hospital job in a couple months. I won't bring up the issue now. if he does ask me to move to the next step I will bring it up. For now I will just lay low. I can't be wasting my time and getting hurt anymore.

  • I hate to say it, but it sounds like he hasn't moved on. I don't think much of anything besides time can help with that either. :(

    • Yes I'm pretty sure you are correct as well. Thank you😔

    • No problem, I hope things get better for you!

  • He hasn't moved on

    • Ugh 😔 Yeah you're probably right

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