Girls, For short women. why you prefer tall men (plz read description)?

I am 5'7'' and a russian weightlifter (my body looks like igor vonvachyn who is a boxer). i am pretty strong i dont ask about this. i know that women need tall men to feel protected. but i can't understand if they are short that means that their father is likely short too. So short women think that their father is incapable of protecting them? please explain i just dont get the logic.


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  • I'm short and I actually prefer guys that aren't too tall because I think it would look stupid for me to be with a tall guy because I would look like his kid... and I don't think that it's a matter of " I need someone to protect me" I think some girls are just into tall guys. Just as you have a type of girl you like some girls like tall guys because they find it attractive. Don't be too bothered by the short vs. tall thing ok 😊 as I said I'm short as well ( like really short) and if you keep obsessing about it it will drive you crazy 😜

    • The problem is that i am the weightlifting champion in my region and although everyone knows me here in the internet its a lot different story. its like they hate me for being 5'7'' (which is not that bad) and women keep saying that tall men are strong.. do you get what short men get through? how tall are you?

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    • Being thin is healthy by the way... You are correct this world is full of hatred and if you add the anonimity that someone gets from the internet you see all these stupud things..

    • Pretty much 😊

  • I don't know my farther and he was never there to protect me but tbh I've never had anyone to protect me I m like 166 cm and I have no idea how many ft lol but the point is I want a taller man so that I can feel protected and he dosnt have to reach up to kiss me

    • The taller guy doesn't mean that he can protect you i can't understand this correlation women do.. i am 1.69 by the way and 85 kgs really wide chest and stocky not fat. do you know how many 1.80 and 1.90 guys i know that are 60-80 kgs and they are skinny? Most of them tbh. on another question you told me that you have no dealbreakers. i guess its just a preference

  • it's called if you're shorter than a short girl it just looks sad. And dude, not every girl has daddy issues. the father doesn't need to be short to have a short kid. my parents are fairly tall and I'm pretty damn short, it's a thing of nature, stop digging too deep into it

    • All 5-5'2'' girls i know have fathers that are 5'5'' to 5'8'' and a 70% of them want tall men to feel protected. these girls have daddy issues? and you didn't answer the question

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    • If you say the truth i think you are a great example of equality between men and women. although you dont need to be as strong as a man (there are natural boundaries). but generally 1) taking care of your body (in a reasonable way)
      2) respecting your brain power and trying be a good student
      3) dont be too emotional (although its diffucult due to hormones going crazy)
      are rare things to see in women and highly respected

    • nah I'm like an emotionless robot. if anything, I need emotion 😂
      and thank you

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