Dating in Atlanta, GA?

What is the dating scene like in Atlanta, GA?


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  • Not sure. But you should try this neat new dating website...
    ... eh, the entire thing is hilarious, but the part in question is at 4:50 :-P

  • I have no idea but its a fairly large city , so there should be some options I would think , isn't like the biggest city in Georgia?

    • I've thought about moving down there but I have read and heard that there are a lot of homosexual men down there.

    • most large cities have large gay populations , that really isn't that unusual

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  • Commenting on your homosexuals comment, the city of Atlanta has a lot of homosexuals yes, closer to the little 5 points side though, but there are a LOT of men and women anyway so it's not like it is difficult to find a straight man. I wouldn't want to live in the city, really pretty, fun to explore, but also a lot of violence. The homeless population is pretty thick there also. I would do the surrounding areas if I were looking for a place to move.

    • oh boy.

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    • @Teenwolf18 😂 see asker! There are definitely straight men. Yeah, I don't go as much as I did when I was younger. Just to the Dome mostly these days. We kinda grew up back and forth down there. My dad was a medic/fireman there. I'm old now though, marta kills me 😜

    • that's cool. and your dad's job is amazing