I feel the guy I'm dating doesn't appreciate me?

He rarely compliments me, if ever. He never likes/comments on my Instagram photos/snapchat stories. He likes other girls pictures and girls he DOESN'T even follow. He takes hours to text me back (Sometimes up to 12 hours), he sometimes jokes about my friends being cute/tells me about girls who are hot. He tells me about his past sexual experiences. He keeps himself at a distance from me, rarely offers physical affection (there are times when he does). He takes me out, and he pays for things, but will use his phone while we are out.

I havr brought these things up to him, and he switches the blame on me. He tells me "I can't ever make you happy. I'm nice to you. I don't cheat on you. I don't lie to you. I take you out, I pay for things. I get to know your friends and I'm nice to them" and he just goes on and on. He always twist so mt words around too. I feel bad because he does do a lot for me, but also doesn't ALWAYS make me feel special. He also called me thirsty the yesterday because I wanted his attention. And I told him "don't worry. I get plenty of water. Trust me".

I know it's wrong. But lately I've been doing to him what he does to me (I started this week.) I don't like his posts, and I take 3-5 hrs to text him back.

I just feel like he finds me repulsive and ugly. Whenever I try to end things he tells me "please don't leave me, I care about you a lot".


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  • Weird. Ask yourself, besides having the status of "I have a GF), what is he getting out of the relationship? That is not cool him not liking your photos. I would say maybe he has some emotional disorders. He definitely does not appreciate you and that is wrong of him to twist your words. Some guys are really, really, really laid back and casual about relationships and just don't think. I would have a serious talk and cry. If he gets weird, dump him.

    • I mean, I feel I offer him a lot. I offer him my loyalty, my time, support, companionship, consideration. I pay for things and treat him too (he often doesn't let me though). I listen to him and try to make him happy.

      But, he doesn't communicate very well. If he has any issues about us, he hasn't voiced them. But, I can sometimes sense the tension and resentment. Sometimes he will be passive-aggressive with me. But I don't force him to do anything, and if I ask him if he's okay with something more than once, he twists my words and says "oh you don't want me to come? You don't want me to do this?" It confuses me greatly. And, if we argue, he turns it on me and then just doesn't want to discuss it anymore.

      I have started to treat him how he treats me. I feel badly about it, but I'm fed up. I feel it won't even bother him.

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    • I am going to ask you a question, do you happen to live in or close to a city in the UK that is B*****l? (stars are there to keep your privacy). It sounds like you are dating my cousin.

    • No idea if he is or not, but if a girl was dating my cousin and getting upset over this problem, I would just say that you need to feel sorry for this guy because of his emotional issues. I don't think he hates you, he is just into the other aspects of his life more than his girlfriend. You are a function like a toothbrush or remote control. Some girls can handle this and some can't. If this makes you uncomfortable, then he is not the guy for you and you are not the girl for him.

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  • I used to have a boyfriend like that. He was verbally abusive. Always comparing me to other girls, and only complimented my body. Leave the ass. It may be hard. But you need someone who will appreciate you and only you.


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  • Dude! just leave that A$$hole.

  • Maybe he feels underappreciated because you don't equally pay for stuff as well.

    • I do pay for stuff. It isn't ALWAYS him that pays. I pay for stuff, I offer to pay, sometimes he doesn't let me. I do a lot for him. I don't just take and take :/

    • You left that part out of your question, sorry for assuming otherwise.

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