Is it weird that a girl that lead me on is asking my mom how I am and if im single?

Hi all, so i dated this amazing girl for 4 months (she was 21 i was 22) but it ended because she told me she didn't want a relationship and wasn't ready because she had to find herself. I was heartbroken because i told her inwas falling for her. I never pushed her to go out with me either, she would ask me. Never pressured for sex either and really respected her. Anyway, we cut contact and then i then told her its best we take eachother off socials. She sidnt want to but i thought it was best, i didn't want to get led on. 2 months after she added my mum on facebook and asked how i was and if im seeing anyone. My mum said for her to speak to me but she never did. Now 8 months and she asked my mum again and she was trying to be extra friendly. I bumped into her yesterday and she was even more flirty with me then when we were together. Is she trying to get back with me? What is she thinking?
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  • Probably wants you back maybe.


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  • I think she probably wants you back


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