Am I an unlucky guy?

I'm using some foreign dating sites but they doesn't work. I wrote to more than 100 girls. I think my problem is being Turkish. They probably think I'm a pervert. But I've never had a girlfriend and I'm waiting until marriage sexually. I don't see women as sex objects. I really like reading and classical music a lot. I'm a polite, emotional and caring person. So, I'm not a typical Turk. You can say 'Find a girl in real life' but I don't like Turkish girls. They're mostly shallow, ignorant and arrogant. I like smart, pretty and self-respecting girls. Also I'm not a social person. I didn't choose to be born here myself. This situation upsets me. I don't know what to do. Am I unlucky?


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  • If you are ashamed of being a Turks go away.
    Güzel ülkemin yerin dibine giresice insanları! Senin gibiler yüzünden Türklerle alay ediyorlar. Kendini bir şey sanma.

  • There is no such thing as "typical" Turk. I've met pretty decent people from Turkey, so I don't understand where your "typical" comes from. Maybe there is something wrong with your approach.

    • I don't know good people here much and every girl don't think like you, unfortunately. I'm writing to those girls decent things but they just block me or aren't writing anything.

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    • Yes. It's weird to say "Don't prejudge me" and "I don't want dirty things". Also stop claiming that you are honest, kind caring and such stuff, that makes you sound like you are bragging. Plus, calling her pretty from the start won't give you bonus points.

    • So, what should I write, then?

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  • You sound balanced not lucky or unlucky


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