Should I stop talking to him?

We got really close again. He and his ex broke up and it felt like it was the last time. I don't know if they'll get back together but him and I got really close. We hung out for the first time and I thought we were on our way to maybe becoming a thing. But he said he wasn't ready for a relationship because he still has feelings for her and he doesn't think he can handle feelings for two different people. This is reasonable but He wants to be friends again and wants to forget about everything. We've done this before.. we've wiped the slate clean before and "forgotten" everything before and it's always ended in him asking for another re do over her. This is the third "redo." I want to be friends with him but he doesn't now how to be just friends when he's not in a relationship. I feel a bit led on, but I know i'll miss him if we stop talking... what should i do? I'm tired of being wanted only when she decides she doesn't want him


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  • well if you're the backup plan just make it clear you no longer want to be that and if he treats you that way you'll need to cut him out for good even as a friend, since he can't seem to stick to that :)


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  • I would if I were you.


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