She's really confusing me. Should I break this off?

Sorry what I'm gonna say below might be a bit messy. I live in Asia and the girl is Asian. Met this girl online around 2 months and a half ago. After the first date I actually got busy and didn't ask her out for another date till almost a month later (to my surprise she agreed to it). We had a few dates after (all initiated by me although she did make suggestions) and we seem to get along well in each of the dates, barring one issue. I tried holding her hands in the most recent hiking date (yes I know its quite late - but thats Asia for you) (quite naturally such as when we were climbing steps) but she seemed to be a bit reluctant to have her hands held by me (citing sweaty hands). She does allow me to touch her and even play with her hair though when we hang out. The key thing that is confusing me is that she seems to agree to dates and never flaked on me, but she never initiated much contact from the 3rd date onwards (we've had 6 dates now). She would take ages to respond to my texts (6-12 hours) and even 'forgot' to reply to my text once when I asked her out (she said that she had plans for that night that time without suggesting an alternate date). I actually gave up at that point and decided to break it off until some of my friends urged me to ask her out on Valentine's day. To my surprise she had to work overtime that day but she suggested to meet me another night (I wasn't free though on that night so decided to go hiking with her on another day). She has always made it clear to me that she's single and she most definitely did not have a vday date. To be fair when I'm out with her she rarely looks at her phone (less than 5 times in a day) so she probably really doesn't reply to texts that much in general. After this last date it's pretty much back to the same thing, I'd text her sometimes and she seems to be not so responsive. My gut is telling me that she's clearly not that interested but why would she still agree to dates?


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