Getting started on dating?

I am very new at this, how do i put myself out there honestly so people know who i am truley about? Do i create a Tinder account and see what comes of that, or is there a better option? I just dont want to waste anyones time.


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  • Hey :) Dating is an exciting time. Dating obviously means you can choose to date anyone, and others too, to pick the right one. Just simply get yourself out there. Ask girls out on dates and find the one for you. Decide whether you want dating to proceed into a relationship, whether you want to move in with one another, propose, get married and all that. Just get out there and ask. ♡


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  • Socialise, hang out with your friends, meet new people, be careful with your body language because thats the most important thing.

    • Most of my friends moved away or went to college, so i very rarely get to see them, and i dont get out much to socialise. because of work. Just been feeling a little stuck.

    • Hang out with your work collagues. At any given chance.

    • my collagues did use to play airsoft almost every week, but stopped because they have been busy. maybe i could start it up again.

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